Why I fell in LOVE❤ with Paparazzi.... and I think you will too!

I started my Paparazzi business almost 2yrs ago to the date. I started with tons of skepticism and reservations that this could go anywhere but, enough information to give it a try. I purchased the smallest kit available $99 + Tax and got kinda excited while waiting for its arrival; pink things.. shiny things I'm in!  So, the  box arrives and its way more then I imagined it would be I was truly impressed ( here is the video link lawd help lol) with how put together and thought out it was... We were off to a great start. My business truly kicked off there  let me not get too side tracked you want to know why I fell in Love with Paparazzi not a doe eyed walk down Paparazzi memory lane lol... So Here we go: 
1- I feel in love with the thought out KIT and attention to the business needs. 
I mean look I have done Direct Sales before well I might add I was no stranger but this business kit was great. I could literally start selling immediately ( I did too by the way). The Start at $99 offered great pieces of jewelry to SHOW & SELL, hooks and display items, business getting started information, a minor repair kit it people needed earring backs or wanted to make a piece longer, retail bags, receipt book, planner.. I mean it is business ready and this is the SMALL KIT PLUS they give you access to a personal retail website that is active for you to sale from the day you sign up it is still mind blowing!
2- The Jewelry is so pretty and its ONLY $5! They provide a mind-blowing array of pieces that have been compared to major chain fashion jewelry retailers and we are giving them MAJOR competition and its $5. Where can you get a great necklace and a matching pair of earrings for only $5... You can call me that is where. I Love it! 

3- Its How Much? $5 I love hearing the question and I never get tired of answering. I love that Paparazzi provides such a stellar product that people see it and have to ask.... Its How much? 😲 this one too? how about this one? I love that I get to see the shock and excitement on peoples faces when they hear its Lead & Nickel free and only $5

4- The Founders are Super Present. I've tried tons of things and I have never met more genuinely present and down to earth people. They show up to events Large and small, they do weekly trainings some that are company wide some for small groups. They send gifts, recognition, write newsletters, take pictures and jump in when needed. I remember the first company event I attended was a empowerment tour they offer annually called EMP. I was about 8 days into the company but it was really close to my house so I went. I was sold! on presentation it was beautiful  theater and everyone was so nice and welcoming. I wasn't feeling my best coughing I went to registration line I remember the guy Welcoming me and Thanking me for being apart of the team. I thought that's great. I find a seat but the coughing started uncontrollably I walk back out to the lobby looking for a fountain or vending machine nothing... I see a guy near the enter door passing out bags (gifts) and BINGO water. I head over please can I have one sure and thank you for coming to EMP. I'm like yourrr're welcome lol..
I go back in thinking they have great support staff this is awesome I'm sure everything else is going to be great too.
The event starts and I was right the energy was great the jewelry they previewed was great then the speaker can on they were the two guys I met in the lobby. The one who took registration and the one passing out water? confused until they said two of our Founders ( there is 4 these guys wives). I was truly blown. I cant tell you how excited I was to know that the founders were that approachable, that present in business and that humble to get the job done were needed.

5 - No🚫 Sales Pressure... Every business has goals and if you want to make money you have to put in some work ,duh! Paparazzi, has never made me feel like I'm too stressed to do this... not hounded by anyone filling a quota. I get supported, encouraged and recognized for jobs well done. I have felt the pressure of sells believe me and know the life of ducking and dodging a you gotta sell more upline. 

6- I have a product Im excited to sell because people are willing to buy.... I love that our product is affordable. I must admit my initial reaction was like many " How do I make money if everything is only $5?"... Well, the answer is in the concept of Dollar Tree and stores like it. You don't spend just $1 in the Dollar Tree because the stuff is 🤔 ONLY $1. The same is with our pieces its ONLY$5 and that last piece cost you $20 and it didn't even have earrings so I can spend $20 here get 4 pieces and earrings for the same $20. SCORE!! 

7- I work when and how I want.. I have tons of love projects, family, a full time career, social life and all the things that make life , LIFE so I needed something flexible and Paparazzi gives that to me. I can sell from my phone, my laptop, on the go with on hand pieces, through the free website , at a party , vendor event , open a store the possibilities are endless and all up to me. I can sell as much or as little as I want without company reprimand or being locked out for short term inactivity. I have been able to truly customize this business to me and my lifestyle.

8- Multiple ways to make 💲💲💲. Paparazzi, set me up for success fresh out the kit by sending me not jewelry to SHOW but to SELL and recoup my investment out the gate that is huge. We make money by 1) retailing pieces get at wholesale. So I purchase pieces for $2.75 and sell them for $5! That is a 45% profit for me. 2) we have that awesome website were people can go and shop 24/7 and when they buy I STILL GET 45% commission off of each $5 piece wow! 3) I can invite people to join Paparazzi with me and start their own Jewelry and I earn a commission  for helping them. It is just that easy. While everyone works their business at a different level I can say it has absolutely change my life. Want to know what real consultants like me can earn check out this earnings statement >>>> the average earnings for  Paparazzi Consultants: https://bit.ly/2rWXvX0)

9- Always something New... Paparazzi doesn't do catalogs because they constantly offer something new for the customers to few online. Its true Paparazzi updates that free website with New Release pieces 5 days a week. Yes, Monday - Friday with the exclusion of major holidays they added new fresh on trends pieces to our website. This means there is ALWAYS something new , fun and exciting to keep your customers coming back for more. 
10- I FEEL EMPOWERED...I was never a huge jewelry girl before this but have grown to love some pieces but when I put on my Paparazzi I feel I don't know like I can be anything. Okay that was hokey but, I feel pretty. I feel excited. I feel like a business woman. I feel like smiling. I feel like encouraging someone else to be GREAT! I feel empowered and Bold. I Love it!

So, that is it those are just a few of the reasons why I L❤VE my Paparazzi, why this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and why I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. If this speaks to you and you want to know more drop me a comment let chat. If you are like no I AM READY NOW click here choose your choose kit and lets BLING our way to the top. If you are like hey that sounds great, good for you girl lol but I'm just here for the good stuff. Awesome sauce I have some great new piece just added take a look.
I appreciate you and please tell a friend there is tons of BLING to go around.

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  • First of all, thank you for your uplifting words. That shows me how you feel about the business!


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