The day my business changed...

This picture was taken after a live the night I closed my studio salon business...  I had all these jewelry boards from inside my studio crammed into my home office  but I remember this moment and I felt so so so free!!

When the pandemic hit it took me, my life and salon for a loop (open close open close 🤦🏽‍♀️) eventually causing me to close down completely.. I was SHOOK  to say the least and rightfully so... I had spent the last 13yrs of the close to 20yrs of a beauty career there geez but after the dust settled the tears stopped I looked around me and at my phone and realized I still had a business to run.   A FULL ON JEWELRY business that had been waiting for me to pay it more attention and so I did. I had my highest income month, (up to that point) replacing pre covid income because of that pivot! I was blown away. Still am..To think I turned this opportunity down like 5-6xs before I said YES! I didn't think a non jewelry wearer could do well.. I didn't think commission on $5 could make any real income. Boy, was I wrong on all fronts. I discovered that it's about so much more... I get to connect with people, laugh and make people feel good even if just a few minutes a day. I get the opportunity to show people a different way to enjoy life and make money. I get the opportunity to thrive in my passion by helping to build confidence and hope in others around me and at the end you get some cute new earrings to go with your new smile 😃

👉🏽 want to join me on my journey www.pinktreasurechest.co
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