So, just over a year ago I worked and pushed to grab an ELITE rank in this company. I worked, my team worked, and we missed it! LIKE the clock struck midnight (literally😱😭) and that was it we were just points away and it was over. I can't remember ever being so devasted. So close yet so far all at the same time. I kept working because I love it, but I gave up on it the BIGGER the MORE. I was afraid to push for it, because it might mean loss again. This week I decide that it was time. I know that MORE is calling me. MORE needs me to be an example to show others that MORE is possible, attainable and waiting for them like it has waited for me.
So, I reached OUT and Up for help out of the rut (because we DONT HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE) and BOOM help answered. Yesterday, I asked one of my uplines if I could take motivation pics with some of her ELITE awards, she said of course I got you! (I'm sure it was some "boos" sprinkled in there somewhere too LOL) So, this is one of the pictures I took with her most recent 6figure BLING BOSS AWARD, this is given by the company when you earn 100k or more for that year. ITS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Seeing it told me it was true they exist, holding it told me that it is possible, this picture will remind me that its coming.
So, as I end this extremely heartfelt extra-long-winded post 😂 hopefully you are inspired to find your mojo and run toward your GREATNESS with me. I'm practicing my poses and making room on myself for my own BLING BOSS AWARD. neshaj💕
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